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Cell Culture Media Manufacturing: Quality, Homogeneity and Consistency

To manufacture consistent, high-quality cell culture media, it takes selected first class raw materials, and it takes the right production technology. The sensitive raw materials must be processed extremely gently to achieve the desired product properties, quality and lot-to-lot consistency.

Benefits of our cell culture media expertise:

  • Extensive and strict supplier qualification
  • Upgraded and novel raw materials for cell culture
  • Outstanding product quality
  • Maximized product homogeneity

Raw Material Expertise for Top Quality Cell Culture Media
Based on our expertise in pharmaceutical chemicals we exactly determine which raw materials are critical in the production of cell culture media. All materials for our products are either manufactured in-house or sourced from strictly qualified suppliers. Key requirements for qualification include certification of non-animal origin, and agreements on process changes to ensure full transparency and traceability. Many raw materials are even part of our Emprove® portfolio.

GMP-Certified Cell Culture Media Manufacturing
Our GMP-certified production plant can supply anything from a few kilos to several tons. To safeguard homogeneity, we use a consistent process that keeps particle size distribution constant from pilot to production scale. This minimizes the risk of materials de-mixing during transportation – and maximizes the chance that every single portion of your media will contain exactly the same balance of raw materials.

Optimized Processing
Because raw materials are delicate, we continuously optimize the way we process them. We work to overcome issues in solubility that limits concentration of single components that are required for best cell growth profiles and the quality of target proteins. This way we deliver products performing just the way you need them in your processes.

New Technologies
In order to provide you with a new level of convenience when handling dry powder media, Merck Millipore now applies a technology that compacts the powder into granules. The resulting compacted media lead to improved flowability, faster dissolution rate, and a cleaner work environment thanks to decreased dust.

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