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Culture media for rapid indicator organism testing

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What if you could use fewer handling steps for your indicator organism testing, without compromising your results? Enumeration and detection of microbial contamination in food and beverage products is key but can be time consuming and complex. Streamline your workflow by trying our new color-coded MC-Media Pad® for rapid and convenient microbial testing.

Find out how our MC-Media Pad® stacks up against different convenience solution products.
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Did you know that our MC-Media Pad® is also suitable for hygiene monitoring applications?
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Color-coded MC-Media Pad® for convenient microbial testing

Color-coded MC-Media Pad<sup>®</sup> for convenient microbial testing

  1. Open the cover film diagonally, then carry out the
    inoculation at the center of the pad.
  2. The sample will automatically diffuse evenly into the whole pad. Close the cover film and incubate.
  3. Count your colonies.

Compliant with international food and beverage standards (AOAC-PTM/Microval), this media method can be used for convenient microbiological testing for E.coli, Yeast and Mold, Coliform, or aerobic microbial contamination. The clear color coding means that you will always pick the right one at a glance.

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Comply with international food and beverage regulations with our convenient culture media for microbial testing. Easy to use, these small pads can also save space and reduce your environmental impact.

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"Please note that MC-Media Pad® is not available in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea."