Solvents for all non-regulated applications in chemical labs and production

For many applications, you don’t need solvents with highest purity – you need a cost-efficient solution with reliable quality and available in high quantities. EMPLURA® is Merck’s alternative to high-purity qualities, offering adequate specs with the most important parameters and offered in small packaging sizes as well as in bulk quantities.

EMPLURA® grade solvents are tested mainly for preparative lab applications or for standard production processes. We check only for basic parameters that are important in the described application, i.e. for purity, identity, density, evaporation residue and water content.The minimum assay generally exceeds in most cases 99 %.

Standard packaging options vary from 1 l bottles up to 190 l stainless steel drums. Bulk quantities and packaging, e.g. IBCs and tank containers are available on request.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
101769 Petroleum ether
108323 Toluene
822251 Acetone
818700 n-Amyl acetate
822324 1,2-Propanediol
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