On-Demand Webinar

Ion Exchange Chromatography for Protein Production Part 2:
Purification Strategy Development and Scale-up

Duration: 1 Hour
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Frech, Head of the Institute for Biochemistry, University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim, Germany
  • Dr. Lothar Jacob, Ion Exchange Chromatography, Product Manager, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany
Abstract: Once a target protein has been identified to become a potential drug, the purification process has to yield an even higher quantity of proteins for further studies. While it is critical to maintain the product’s purity and to fulfill all requirements in terms of quality, the purification processes have to be scaled up – usually from the mg-level up to the kg scale. The easiest way of efficiently scaling-up chromatography operations is to change the column dimensions by keeping the height of the gel bed constant while increasing the column diameter.

Join us as we present current model-based rational approaches to easily and efficiently scale-up chromatography processes. Hear about common challenges encountered during this process transfer and learn more about basic scale-up rules and industry recommendations making your process development and scale-up project successful.

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