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Kinase & Phosphatase Products

Millipore offers a large portfolio of Kinases, Phophatases, Substrates, Inhibitors, Kits, reagents & tools for Signaling research. See below for a list of these products, in multiple pack sizes.

Discover a broad and continuously expanding portfolio of recombinant proteins. This portfolio includes more than 350 active, inactive and unactivated kinases, phosphatases and the largest available selection of disease relevant mutants. All of our enzymes are available in quantities sufficient for routine testing, as well as high throughput screening.

We have expanded our selection of pack sizes and reduced the cost per µg for our kinase collection. You can continue to rely on our Upstate® kinases, now in economical, 250 µg Discovery Packs.

View our portfolio of enzymes, kits and substrates below.



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