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Eshmuno® CPS Resin


The Salt Tolerant Cation
Exchange Resin

For the purification of recombinant proteins at elevated
conductivity levels

Eshmuno® CPS resin combines high dynamic binding capacity and separation efficiency in downstream purification of recombinant protein feed streams at elevated salt concentrations. The demonstrated salt tolerance of Eshmuno® CPS resin enables direct loading of high conductivity feed streams (conductivity ≥10 mS/cm), reducing the need for dilution. Direct savings can be made on buffer, time and manufacturing footprint. Streamlined process steps, associated with efficient purification result in an overall improved productivity.

As a strong cation exchanger without hydrophobic groups, Eshmuno® CPS resin allows easy process development with straightforward binding and elution conditions and selection of process parameters.

Eshmuno® CPS resin
Eshmuno® CPS resin
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Eshmuno® CPS resin provides:
  • Outstanding binding capacities at elevated conductivity levels (≥ 10 mS/cm)
  • Excellent separation efficiencies at high protein loadings
  • Ease of implementation and selection of process parameters through strong cation exchanger chemistry without hydrophobic groups
  • Rigid base bead that enables higher flow rates and easier column packing

Outstanding binding capacities

Eshmuno® CPS resin provides significantly higher dynamic binding capacities for the model protein Chymotrypsinogen A at elevated conductivity levels compared to benchmark resins.

Determination of dynamic binding capacity at 10% breakthrough level (DBC10%)
Determination of dynamic binding capacity at 10% breakthrough level (DBC10%)

Proven technology

Eshmuno® CPS resin is a member of our high performance Eshmuno® platform, which is a family of chromatography resins designed to meet the demands of highly productive downstream bioprocessing processes. Eshmuno® base beads are composed of a hydrophilic polyvinyl ether polymer that enables high flow rates and therefore shorter processing times. Eshmuno® ion exchange resins also make use of our well-established tentacle ligand technology that provides a flexible multipoint interaction between the protein and resin resulting in higher binding capacities and superior selectivity.

Eshmuno® CPS can be easily packed into process scale columns, either by simple flow packing or axial compression. The pressure-flow curves for 10cm and 20cm i.d. columns at 20cm bed height are demonstrating linear scalability.

Pressure vs. flow curve Eshmuno® CPS
Pressure vs. flow curve Eshmuno® CPS
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