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Viresolve® Pro Virus Filtration

The Viresolve® Pro Solution provides a comprehensive, flexible template solution for viral clearance within mAb and recombinant protein bioproduction. This proven viral clearance solution delivers the highest levels of retention assurance and productivity across a broad range of feed stream characteristics.

The Viresolve® Pro Solution is comprised of a Viresolve® Pro Device (parvovirus retentive filter) in conjunction with the Viresolve® Pro Shield or Viresolve® Pro Shield H prefilter to remove fouling species such as protein aggregates, providing high parvovirus LRV, capacity and flux.

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Our range of support and service offerings coupled with our viral clearance expertise will help you develop, validate and implement the Viresolve® Pro Solution within your specific process and ensure the highest productivity possible.

Robust Viral Clearance

  • Devices 100% tested with air/water diffusion and Binary Gas Test
  • ≥ 4.0 log removal of parvovirus

Superior Productivity

  • High mass capacity
  • High flux for faster processing of large batches
  • Disposable flow path with no cleaning validations required
  • Caustic stable
  • Easy and fast setup for minimal labor
  • Easy to integrity test via air-water diffusion testing
Viresolve® Pro Product Information
Viresolve<sup>®</sup> Pro Solutions Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Best Practices for Integrity Testing of Viresolve<sup>®</sup> Pro Devices
Best Practices for Integrity Testing
Viresolve<sup>®</sup> Pro Solutions Performance Guide
Scalability of the Viresolve(R) Pro Solution
Viresolve<sup>®</sup> Pro Shield and Shield H Selection Guide
Select The Right Prefilter
Download Guidebook

Virus Retention Performance of Viresolve® Pro Devices under a Range of Processing Conditions

Download Guidebook

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Part of the BioContinuum Platform

Part of the BioContinuum™ Platform

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