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Millistak+® Pod Depth Filter System


A Linearly Scalable Solution

The Pod system is ideal for a wide variety of primary and secondary clarification applications, including cell cultures, yeast and E. coli lysates post centrifuge, E. coli refolds, media, vaccines, plasma proteins and serum. The Pod system consists of seven filter sizes and two expandable holders. No matter what size Pod filter you choose, the same flow path and configuration ensures a linearly scalable solution from bench to process scale.

  • Low hold-up volume for greater product yield.
  • Flexible, modular format offers scalability from 5 to 12,000 liters or more.
  • Patented disposable design eliminates need for housing, CIP or cleaning validation.
  • Robust construction is easy to use and set up.
  • Smaller footprint facilitates use in tight spaces.

Millistak+® Media Grades
Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/millistak+/hc-pro-family.jpgMillistak+® HC Pro Series 
Fully synthetic media for primary and secondary clarification and downstream filtration applications

Merck:/Freestyle/PS-Process-Solutions/BioP-Mfg-Biopharmaceutical-Manufacturing/millistak+/mediagrades-171.jpgMillistak+® HC Series
Improved productivity with enhanced filter capacity and retention. Multiple filtration stages downstream of the bioreactor are compressed into one efficient step by placing multiple media grades into each device. Several grades are available for a variety of applications in both 16” lenticular disc and modular Pod format.

Millistak+® Series

DE Media - Composed of select grade cellulose fiber and diatomaceous earth which increases contaminant retention. Available in grades ranging from DE 25-75 in both 16” lenticular disc and modular Pod format. This media series is suitable for primary or secondary clarification.

CE Media - Composed of a single layer media with cellulose fibers that are suitable for coarse filtration applications such as primary clarification. Available in grades ranging from CE 15-50 in both 16” lenticular disc and modular Pod format.

CR Media - Utilized for the removal of color and trace contaminants, as well as in downstream processing to reduce HCP and other impurities present in Protein A elution pools.

Pod Filter Hardware
Filter HardwareFour holders are available, including one pilot scale holder and three process scale holders. Because both holders utilize the same Pod filters, this new format offers linear scale-up and the flexibility to meet changing process needs.

Part of the BioContinuum Platform

Part of the BioContinuum™ Platform

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