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Product Sustainability as a Source of Innovation

Designing innovative life science technologies is at the core of what we do at Merck. As we re-imagine tomorrow, we are incorporating additional cutting-edge product sustainability concepts to further improve our products.

Vital among these concepts is our firm belief that product sustainability is a source of inspiration and innovation in design. This provides our customers with improved product performance, as well as reductions in resource use, environmental impacts and costs.

We re-imagine a future in which technology products continue to advance the success of our customers’ research while:

  • Reducing or eliminating the use of harmful chemicals or substances;
  • Leveraging resources that are benign or restorative at the end of their use;
  • Eliminating the concept of waste, allowing the materials and resources used in products to be readily reused in other safe and valuable applications through closed-loop or cradle-to-cradle approaches; and
  • Incorporating concepts of full life cycle thinking, design for sustainability and product stewardship as a natural part of the product development and management process.

Design for Sustainability

Design for Sustainability (DfS) is an approach to product development that builds on our close relationships with customers to jointly identify and address sustainability challenges associated with the products they need to deliver life-saving healthcare solutions. Through this program, we design products with a focus on impact reduction and use of sustainable materials.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), we measure the impacts throughout the phases of a product’s life cycle – from raw materials to component and final manufacturing, to distribution, usage, and end-of-life disposal. This scientific process allows us to identify and address as many of the product’s most critical impact areas as possible.

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Technologies for Global Challenges

Our mission to improve the health and lives of people worldwide is highly interconnected to a number of critical challenges that impact human health and well-being. We develop products to address a range of global challenges, including access to health and clean water, resource consumption, climate change, and energy.

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Green Chemistry

We incorporate principles of green chemistry in the development of our products and are currently exploring alternatives to substances of concern in design and manufacturing.

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Sustainable Products

2014 CR Report: Sustainable Products
Minimizing the impact of our products on health and environment

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Muse Cell Analyzer

Muse® Cell Analyzer
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