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REACH - ScIDeEx® Calculator

Fast exposure assessment of Merck chemicals

Fast exposure assessment of chemicals: REACH - ScIDeEx® Tool calculates risks when handling chemicals in a professional or industrial environment.

The ScIDeEx® online calculator from Merck is a tool which allows customers to calculate quickly whether they can use Merck products safely within the boundaries of the REACH exposure scenarios.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Simpler communication
  • Generally recognized model
  • Intuitive operation
  • Fast results
  • Documentation provided as a JSON file
  • Free of charge

Simpler Communication

The adaption of the operational conditions within a process category covered by the supplier's exposure scenario is called scaling. This measure does not need to be communicated to the supplier or to the ECHA.

Generally Recognized Model

ScIDeEx® from Merck is based exclusively on the ECETOC TRA3 exposure model, which became the standard model used under REACH. It is used to assess the exposure for workers handling chemicals in industrial or professional environments.

Intuitive Operation

ScIDeEx® runs in all modern browsers (Internet Explorer version 9.0 or newer, Chrome version 11 or newer, Firefox version 4.0 or newer as well as Opera version 11.11 or newer) and is intuitive to use. The few pieces of substance-specific data needed to calculate the risk can be found on our extended Merck safety data sheets.

Fast Results

Once the substance-specific data has been entered, the process category (PROC) to be assessed can be selected and the application conditions are adapted. The result – whether the product can be used safely under the conditions stated or whether a refinement is required – is available instantaneously.

Documentation provided as a JSON file

If required, the result can also be saved as a JSON file and called up again at a later date.
Start ScIDeEx® and find out how ScIDeEx® works in just a few minutes.