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ISOSLIDE® control slides

ISOSLIDE® Control Slides: Quality Control made easy for Histology

ISOSLIDE® control slides are indispensable for reliable results and complete monitoring of process quality in the histological laboratory.


There are plenty of reasons for sub-optimal staining of tissue samples, either caused by technical issues or human error. Both scenarios can be monitored and countered if suitable controls are included in every experiment and routine staining along the tissue samples.

For this purpose, Merck Millipore now offers ISOSLIDE® control slides.
Our ISOSLIDE® control slides offer the option of comparing control tissue specimens with your own preparations during the histological staining process. You can use the ready-to-use staining solutions  and kits from Merck Millipore or simply apply your laboratory’s own method. The ISOSLIDE® control slides are CE certified and, as an IVD product, are subject to comprehensive quality and process documentation, which is indispensable for a laboratory accreditation and audits.


Your benefits:
  • 25 slides in one Box (24 unstained preparations, 1 pre-stained slide)
  • All slides prepared from the same block of animal tissue (one Box contains one Batch)
  • Corresponding staining solutions and kits available from Merck Millipore, laboratory’s own staining procedures can also be applied
  • Guaranteed detection of respective structures
  • Analysis certificate that documents the quality of the control specimens is available for each batch
  • Five-year shelf-life of IVD registered, CE certified products

The ISOSLIDE® control slide product line augments our already established portfolio of staining solutions and kits. The control slides are compatible with the PAS staining kit, Alcian blue staining solution, Reticulin silver plating Kit and the HEMATOGNOST FE® Kit  for the Prussian blue reaction. Of course, your laboratory’s own method can also be used to stain the ISOSLIDE® control slides.

More ISOSLIDE® control slide products will be introduced in the upcoming months, to increase the new portfolio accordingly.

Insert sheets, Certificates of Analysis and detailed user information can be found on the individual product information pages.


Product and Ordering Information

Product Application Content Cat. No
ISOSLIDE® PAS Detection of polysaccharides in histological tissue  24 + 1 control slides  100408 
PAS staining Kit 2 reagents (capacity: 400 slides)  101646
ISOSLIDE® Alcian blue Detection of acid mucosubstances in histological tissue, Alcian blue PAS staining  24 + 1 control slides  100425 
Alcian Blue staining solution  500 mL (capacity: 1500 slides)  101647 
Schiff’s Reagent 500 mL, 2.5 L (capacity: 300-1500 slides)  109033 
ISOSLIDE® Reticulin  Detection of reticular fibers to visualize the fiber meshwork in histological tissue   24 + 1 control slides  100361 
Reticulin silver plating Kit acc. Gordon & Sweets  8 dropper bottles á 30 ml (capacity: 110 stains)  100251
ISOSLIDE® Iron  Detection of free ionic iron in histological tissue sections with Prussian blue method   24 + 1 control slides  100380  
HEMATOGNOST Fe®  8 staining reactions (capacity: 8-125 slides)  112084 


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