Pathways: mTOR Signaling




Technical Overview
mTOR (mammalian Target of Rapamycin) was originally identified in Saccharomyces cerevisiae where mutations of the protein kinase, TOR, confer rapamycin resistance. mTOR is a large (>250 kDa) class IV PI-3 kinase family member with protein kinase activity, but lacks any lipid kinase activity. mTOR forms a complex with the 12 kDa cytosolic protein, FKBP-12 and rapamycin that functions to arrest the cell cycle in the G1 phase. Cell cycle arrest by the mTOR complex requires the presence of the intact kinase domain of mTOR and, in particular, a conserved serine within this domain, Ser2448, which has been identified as an Akt/PKB-mediated phosphorylation site. Biomarkers indicate that the mTOR pathway is hyperactive in certain types of cancers, suggesting that mTOR could be an attractive target for cancer therapy. Activated mTOR may provide tumor cells with a growth advantage by promoting protein synthesis, which is the best-described physiological function of mTOR signaling. mTOR regulates Akt activity, a crucial downstream effector in the PI-3K–PTEN pathway, which controls cell proliferation and survival. Targeting this function of mTOR may also have therapeutic potential.


mTOR Antibodies

  Núm. prod. Producto
[+] 516676 Anti-4EBP1/PHAS-I (101-118) Rabbit pAb
[+] OP97 Anti-mTOR/FRAP (Ab-2) Mouse mAb (22C2)
[+] ST1046 Anti-p70S6 Kinase Rabbit pAb
[+] ST1063 Anti-Raptor Rabbit pAb
[+] PK1200 Anti-Rheb (Ab-1) Rabbit pAb
[+] PK1158 Anti-Rheb (Ab-2) Rabbit pAb
[+] ST1122 Anti-Rictor Mouse mAb (2C8)
[+] PK1159 Anti-Rictor Rabbit pAb
[+] ST1061 Anti-Sin1 Rabbit pAb
[+] AP1032 Anti-TSC1 (Tuberous Sclerosis 1) Rabbit pAb
[+] ST1136 Anti-TSC2 Rabbit pAb
[+] PS1020 PhosphoDetect™ Anti-mTOR (pSer2448) Rabbit pAb
[+] PK1015 PhosphoDetect™ Anti-p70S6K(pThr389) Rabbit pAb
[+] ST1084 PhosphoDetect™ Anti-Tuberin/TSC2 (pThr¹462) Rabbit pAb

mTOR Assay Kits

  Núm. prod. Producto
[+] CBA055 K-LISA™ mTOR Activity Kit
[+] CBA104 K-LISA™ mTOR (Recombinant) Activity Kit

mTOR Inhibitors

  Núm. prod. Producto
[+] 553212 InSolution™ Rapamycin in EtOH

mTOR Proteins

  Núm. prod. Producto
[+] 516678 4EBP1, His•Tag®, Human, Recombinant, S. frugiperda
[+] 325902 FKBP12, GST-Fusion, Human, Recombinant, E. coli
[+] 475987 mTOR, Human, Recombinant, S. frugiperda
[+] 506179 p70S6K, His•Tag®, Human, Recombinant, S. frugiperda

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