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“Produce results fast?
Run reliably?
Keep costs in check?
I have an enzyme system
that does all three.”

Dr. Mark Peggie, the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit, University of Dundee, Scotland



Workflows that work effectively, thanks to excellent products and services from a partner who is fluent in the language of science

With 9,000-10,000 sequence-verified plasmids to produce every year, the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit at the University of Dundee, Scotland, can’t afford equipment that doesn’t work reliably or deliver flawless results. Dr. Mark Peggie, head of the Unit, recalls how problems dissipated once his team switched to Merck’s KOD Hot Start enzyme. Faster workflows and impeccable results mean the scientists are in a position to help other professionals in the field to develop drugs that treat many kinds of diseases.

Dr. Mark Peggie also appreciates Merck’s proficiency in the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit’s business. Merck can always suggest the right solution, and fast. Why? Merck’s deep scientific expertise informs every recommendation that’s made. 




For the complete story on what’s in it for the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit, click here.



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