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Neural Signaling and Plasticity

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Rabbit retina whole mount stained with goat Anti-Calretinin (Catalog No. AB1550; red) and mouse Anti-Connexin 35/36, clone 8F6.2 (Catalog No. MAB3045; green). Calretinin labels the AII amacrine cells in the inner plexiform layer. Photo courtesy of Jennifer J. O'Brien, University of Texas, Houston.
Neurons, like all cells, are dynamic entities, sensing and responding to their immediate environment through a battery of receptors. The diversity in neuronal receptors and channels reflects the complexity of signaling that drives neuronal development, excitability, and plasticity. From key phosphorylation and histone modification events in most neuronal processes, to CaM kinase regulation of synaptic plasticity and memory, to activation of AMPK pathways in hypothalamic energy regulation, signal transduction is a focus of research and a key to understanding normal and disease processes.

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