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Cell Culture Media and Reagents

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HumanKine® Xeno-Free Growth Factors and Cytokines

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Humankine® Thermostable bFGF displays enhanced stability at both 4C and 37C compared to normal bFGF.

The HumanKine® Thermostable bFGF is a specially engineered recombinant protein with enhanced thermostability at elevated temperatures compared to the wild-type bFGF protein. This humanized protein is produced using a proprietary human cell expression system and s completely xeno-free. This unique protein shows higher stability at both 4℃ and 37℃ while possessing increased biological functionality on both human iPS and human neural stem cell populations.
  • Enables a less rigorous feeding regimen
  • Completely Xeno-free
  • Contains correct post translational modification required for human cells
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Merck is deeply committed to providing novel cell culture systems and characterization tools for stem cell research and primary cell culture. Our highly validated, optimized products provide convenient solutions to many cell culture challenges, so you have the time to focus on your research goals. We’ve created this unique learning center where you’ll find detailed protocols, news on the latest research advances, and user-friendly guides to our vast selection of specialty cell culture products. With the addition of Chemicon and Specialty Media, Merck now offers a comprehensive line of stem cell products including human and murine stem cells, media optimized for stem cell and primary cell culture, growth factors, exclusive antibodies, cultureware, and kits to help you jumpstart your research.

Cytokines and Growth Factors

Merck offers a comprehensive range of cytokines and growth factors for cell culture. Every lot produced is thoroughly tested for bioactivity, purity, and endotoxin levels. Whether your project is big or small, we offer high quality recombinant proteins to meet your needs. See below for $’s complete list of Human, Mouse, Rat, Animal-Free and Xeno-Free Cytokines and Growth Factors.

ECM Proteins

Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins are produced intracellularly and are subsequently secreted into the surrounding cellular medium, actively regulating a diverse range of cell functions including cell adhesion, differentiation, proliferation, migration, invasion and survival. A primary utility of ECMs in in vitro culture is to promote cellular adhesion while maintaining cell viability and maximizing cell proliferation for downstream cell-based applications. Studies show that anchorage dependent cells growing on ECM undergo more efficient plating, have a higher proliferation rate, reach a higher density, and require lower serum and growth factor concentrations — demonstrating enhanced differentiation potential.

Millicoat™ Extracellular Matrix (ECM)-Coated Plasticware

Merck now offers pre-coated multiwell plates in 6- and 24-well formats. Coatings include collagen, fibronectin, and poly-D-lysine. Pre-coated products offer a great advantage to researchers. There is no lengthy coating process, plates are coated by a consistent process and they are always available when needed.

Millicoat™ ECM Coated Strips

For convenience and flexibility in designing assays, try our Millicoat™ ECM coated strips, provided as 12 removable 8-well strips in a plate frame. The wells in rows A-G are precoated with an ECM protein and row H is coated with BSA to serve as a negative control.

Optimization Array

The ECM Cell Culture Optimization Array is the first commercially-available tool of its kind to enable researchers to not only quickly identify the best ECM protein for their cell culture environment, but also pinpoint the concentration needed to achieve optimal cell growth conditions.
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