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Spectroquant® Tests for Reliable Drinking Water Analyses

Fast, USEPA Approved and Eco-Friendly

Spectroquant® Ammonium Cell TestClean, pristine drinking water is essential for our survival – whether to quench our thirst, prepare meals or produce food. This makes it unique amongst all other products. Anyone who produces it, uses it, or processes it must comply with the highest quality demands and strict national regulations.

Drinking water analyses that can deliver precise values on potential toxicity and contamination ensure the purity grade required. Spectroquant® cell and reagent test kits, combined with the Spectroquant® NOVA and Pharo photometers deliver reliable results – fast, eco-friendly and internationally comparable.

According to a 1998 EU Directive, any alternative methods of testing drinking water that fulfill the quality criteria specified in the directive are permissible – just like the Spectroquant® test system from Merck. 

Comprehensive Tests for all Drinking Water Parameters

There is absolutely no room for mistakes in drinking water analyses. NOVA photometers and Pharo spectrophotometers from the Spectroquant® range prove their worth with excellent measurement quality and ease of use. Both of these instruments employ the convenient barcode reading system for cell and reagent tests. This ensures that the correct test method is selected automatically.

Merck’s Spectroquant® cell and reagent test kits can be used to analyze many parameters when monitoring drinking water. About 80 percent of the Spectroquant® methods use chemicals that comply with national and international standards.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has even officially approved many of the Spectroquant® tests, such as Chlorine, COD, Phosphor and Sulfate tests. Numerous certificates also attest the consistent quality between batches.

Many of the test kits contain chemicals that are less toxic than comparable test kits available in the market, which makes them suitable for especially eco-friendly processes. By using Spectroquant®, you can make a big contribution to workplace safety and environmental protection.

Quality assurance is also a crucial factor: Reliable and reproducible test results are only possible when processes are tracked and documented right from the very start. By using Spectroquant®, you benefit from the proven instrument-supported Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA).

You can download necessary method updates for Spectroquant® photometers as well as programming data if you want to use Spectroquant® test kits with instruments from other manufacturers.

Advantages of Spectroquant® Tests

  • fast and precise drinking water tests of many parameters
  • validated and standard-compliant analysis reagents for your sense of safety
  • some tests are USEPA approved
  • a comprehensive collection of batch and quality certificates is available on the Internet
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