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Millicell® HY Cell Culture Flasks

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Customer Testimonials
Les Henderson, Research Technologist: Recently, we decided to try Merck’s HY T-1000 flasks, which reduced the time spent growing cells more than 5-fold. The incubator space requirement to grow these cells decreased from multiple incubators to half an incubator, which was far more manageable with our limited lab space. Additionally, harvesting the cells for injection now took a fraction of the time compared to the standard tissue culture flasks. 

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Depend on Millicell® HY cell culture flasks for uniform, consistent cell growth, which enables the amazingly high cell yields provided by these unique flasks.

When choosing a multilayer cell culture flask to save space, time and – most importantly – grow healthy cells, trust in Merck to deliver a flask that outperforms the rest.

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/cell-culture-images/flask_features_258.jpg Composed of multiple, identical layers, Millicell® HY flasks maximize cell culture surface area while saving incubator space.
Designed to facilitate high recovery, Millicell® HY cell culture flasks are innovative and intuitive.
Advantages of Millicell® HY cell culture flasks:

  • Consistent high cell yields, uniform health across all layers
  • Uniform culture conditions without media leaking or spillover between layers
  • Save on time spent passaging cells
  • Save on cost of media, cells and reagents
  • Same media requirements (volume per unit area) as traditional T75 flasks
  • An easy transition from single-layer cell culture flasks
  • Easy media removal from flask with ergonomic cap location
  • Fits under microscopes for monitoring cell health and confluency
  • Stackable design saves incubator space
  • Bar-coding available
  • Frosted areas on flask allow for easy marking and numbering

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/new-cell-culture-images/MilliCell_HY_CellCulture_Flask.jpg *Click image to view larger
How the Millicell® HY cell culture flask’s unique design improves cell culture:
The singular ergonomic design of the HY flask makes for easy handling and significant savings in time spent and incubator space. The design also reduces the risk of contamination and our flask features such good levels of cell growth and health that you can use far fewer than with traditional flasks.

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