Reliable Drying Agents for All Your Applications

Drying agents (desiccants) from Merck are the ideal choice for your drying applications in the lab or in production and as well as for storage and transport. Our user-friendly products are suitable for a wide range of applications – from the drying of gases, liquids or solids using static or dynamic drying processes to the protection of goods and materials from moisture, mold or corrosion.

Merck’s high-quality drying agents include calcium chloride, silica gel, molecular sieves, desiccant sachets, and many more. A broad selection of products with different properties with respect to e. g. water uptake rate, absorption capacity, particle size, or regeneration possibilities ensures that you will find the suitable desiccant for your specific application.

In addition to our high-quality drying agents for laboratory applications, we provide a comprehensive range of products specially designed to minimize the effect of moisture on your products. Thanks to their high reliability, efficiency and ease of use, Merck desiccants help you to protect your valuable goods, reduce costs and increase the longevity of your products.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
100540 五氧化二磷 - (di-Phosphorus pentoxide)
106067 无水硫酸镁 - (Magnesium sulfate anhydrous)
102109 氧化钙 - (Calcium oxide from marble)
106639 硫酸钠 - (Sodium sulfate)
103806 250 g干燥剂包 - (Desiccant sachet 250 g)
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