Certipur® Certified Single-Element Standards for Ion Chromatography

Within its Certipur® range of certified reference materials, Merck offers a wide range of single-element standards especially designed for instrument calibration in ion-exchange chromatography (IC) applications, e.g. for environmental or food analysis and quality control.

Our Certipur® single-element standards for ion chromatography are available as both ready-to-use calibration solutions and concentrates. All our Certipur® IC standards – with the exception of fluoride – are traceable to primary standard reference materials from NIST. With Merck’s Certipur® CRMs for ion chromatography, you benefit from easy handling and precise, reliable analytical results.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
109869 氟离子 IC 浓缩标准液 1,000 mg F- - (Fluoride standard)
119896 溴离子 IC 标准液 1,000 mg/l Br- - (Bromide standard solution)
119899 亚硝酸盐 IC 标准液 1,000 mg NO2- - (Nitrite standard solution)
119533 氰离子 IC 标准液 1,000 mg/l CN- - (Cyanide standard solution)
109866 亚硝酸盐 IC 浓缩标准液 1,000 mg NO2- - (Nitrite standard)
119898 磷酸盐 IC 标准液 1,000 mg/l PO43- - (Phosphate standard solution)
109870 磷酸盐 IC 浓缩标准液 1,000 mg PO43- - (Phosphate standard)
119812 铵离子 IC 标准液 1,000 mg/l - (Ammonium standard solution)
109872 硫酸盐 IC 浓缩标准液 1,000 mg/l SO42- - (Sulfate standard)
119814 氟离子 IC 标准液 1,000 mg/l - (Fluoride standard solution)
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