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Certipur® Reference Materials for Various Applications

For many applications, special reference materials are needed in order to ensure precise equipment calibration and reliable results. Merck offers high-quality Certipur® reference materials for a variety of special applications. Our reference materials are traceable to primary standards from NIST (U.S.) and/or PTB (Germany) as documented in the comprehensive, batch-specific Certificate of Analysis prepared for each product. 

Refractometry Reference Materials and Brix Standards

For refractometer calibration, Merck provides different high-quality Certipur® refractive index standard kits acc. to Ph Eur. These standards enable you to perform calibration in the same range as your final measurement. Certipur® Brix standards are also available – first-class sucrose calibration standards for determination of Brix values (sugar content of an aqueous solution) usable with all brands and types of refractometers. All Certipur® reference materials for refractometry are traceable to SRM from NIST and PTB.

Ready-to-Use Color Comparison Solutions
According to Ph Eur

Preparing color analysis solutions according to the European pharmacopoeia is complex and time-consuming. That’s why we offer you our Certipur® reference solutions as ready-to-use kits available for all color standards: B, BY, Y, GY and R. 

TOC Analysis According to EN 1484-H3

Our Certipur® TOC standard facilitates precise calibration of TOC instruments according to DIN EN 1484-H3. The potassium hydrogen phthalate standard is available in a ready-to-use solution. It is stabilized and supplied in brown 100 ml glass bottles for light protection.

Color Measurement and Photometry

Color measurement according to DIN 5033 part 9 is possible using the primary reference material provided by Merck. This has been certified by the PTB. The Certificate of Analysis of barium sulfate white standard includes values for spectral density (reflection from 350-800 nm), reflection factor and standard color values.

Moreover, we offer you our ready-to-use Certipur® platinum cobalt color reference solution (Hazen 500) for color measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7887, ASTM D 1209-05, DIN EN ISO 6271-1 and APHA 2120 B + C.

Reference Materials for the Tobacco Industry

Specifically for tobacco analysis, Merck has developed a standard for extraction using isopropanol. The reference material includes an internal standard for subsequent gas chromatography analysis.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
108962 折射率标准品 n=1.3915 - (Refractive index standard kit 1)
100266 药典色度标准品 BY 系 - (Colour Reference Solutions BY)
100272 异丙醇标准液 - (2-Propanol)
114724 含盖 16mm 空 - (Empty cells 16 mm)
500405 折射率标准液 - (Refractive index standard)
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