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Auxiliaries for Optimizing Analysis Conditions in AAS Measurements

As your one-stop provider for instrumental analysis via Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), we offer a comprehensive choice of reagents for use in sample preparation as well as in calibration. Our portfolio of auxiliary reagents for optimizing analysis conditions comprises selected matrix modifiers and spectroscopic buffers for AAS measurements.

Sample preparation is always a critical step in atomic spectroscopy analyses. In AAS applications, the reagents used for sample preparation must be very pure in order to make sure to reliably determine the trace elements you are analyzing for. To ensure that the measurement isn’t affected by interference it is recommended to use matrix modifier and spectroscopic buffer. Both reagents are available in a small range of elements or in different composition to suppress the interference.

Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Especially for GF-AAS Merck provides matrix modifiers that let you control relevant properties of your sample matrix, thus optimizing analysis conditions.

Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

For the F-AAS our high-purity ionization buffers effectively serve to suppress interferences during the analysis.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
110982 氧化镧 - (Lanthanum(III) oxide)
107289 钯基质调整物 - (Palladium matrix modifier)
116755 氯化铯-氯化镧缓冲试剂 - (Cesium chloride-lanthanum chloride buffersolution)
106371 硼氢化钠 - (Sodium borohydride)
102037 氯化铯/硝酸铝缓冲液 - (Cesium chloride-aluminium nitrate buffer solution)
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