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Spectroquant® Test Kits for Quantitative Analysis

Cell and Reagent Test Kits

Benefit from more than 170 different competent solutions within the Spectroquant® -system for your quantitative analysis, whether for testing
  • drinking water
  • surface water
  • process water
  • municipal or industrial wastewater 
  • beverages
or for performing disinfection control.
More Than 150 Spectroquant® Test Kits and Numerous Applications Offer You Many Advantages
  • rapid and simple recognition and operation via barcode system
  • selection between cell and reagent tests
  • validated and standard-compliant analysis methods

The scope of parameters is finely tuned to the requirements of your everyday operations and is constantly being expanded.

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Spectroquant® Cell Test Kits – Highly User-Friendly

Spectroquant® cell test kits for user-friendly analysis
  • All necessary reagents for the analysis are contained in the cells
  • Considerate packaging design protects the cells from fluctuation even in unfavorable environment
  • Elimination of possible mistakes through barcode-system

Spectroquant® Reagent Test Kits – So Many Advantages

Spectroquant® reagent test kits with ready-to-use reagent mixtures
  • Highly stable, ready-to-use reagent mixtures in a user friendly design
  • Free selection of appropriate cell format according to the measuring range
  • Extreme long shelf life up to three years – all at room temperature
  • Liquid or powder form reagents allow more convenience to add to the sample.
  • Automatic selection of the correct method with help of barcode-identification
  • Can be used not only on spectrophotometer from Merck, but also on photometer from other suppliers

Spectroquant® Test Kits for Hach* Instruments

Spectroquant® test kit for Hach instruments by Merck With special test kits for Hach* instruments from the Spectroquant® series you do not need to perform any instrument-specific calibration. Just use the original programs installed by Hach* and work exactly according to the specifications of the instrument’s operation manual. With special Spectroquant® test kits you do not need to forego Merck’s quality documentation when using Hach instruments!

If you want to perform your analysis by using regular Spectroquant® test kits with your Hach* instrument, you may find our information about programming data for photometers of other manufacturers helpful.
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Whichever instrument you use for your analytics, stringent controls of our raw materials, effective in-process controls and documented final controls are a confirmation for the consistently high quality. Every lot has an individual certificate, meaning that you do not need to think about checking the quality of the test kit yourself, it's already done! In addition, the quality certificates confirm consistent batch-to-batch quality.

Furthermore the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has officially approved the suitability of many of our Spectroquant® tests and awarded them the “USEPA approved” quality seal.
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*HACH is a registered trademark of Hach Company. The Spectroquant® product is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by or affiliated with the Hach Company.

Move for Disinfection

Move for Disinfection Control

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