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Extran® Dosing Aid: Exact and Economical

To support accurate dosage and safe handling in manual cleaning, Merck supplies 1 liter Extran® bottles with a special dosing aid. The bottle and attachment are perfectly matched to facilitate dosage. Since neither too little nor too much detergent is used, you benefit from reliable cleaning as well as economical use. The reusable Extran® dosing aid can also be ordered separately if required.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenience: The system is easy to handle and greatly facilitates dosage
  • Safety: Accurate dosage of detergents prevents excess chemicals in the workplace
  • Economy: The dosing aid avoids unnecessary expenditure of cleaning agents

Extran® Universal Adapter: The One for All

Extran universal adapterThe Extran® universal adapter enables secure connections between various machines and Merck's 10 liter or 25 liter cleaning canisters. It is particularly useful for cleaning equipment, as larger quantities of detergent are required. The adapter ensures canisters remain spray-safe and tightly connected to the machines. This not only avoids spillages and increases user safety, but also prevents external contamination. Thanks to its universal design, the Extran® adapter overcomes worldwide differences in cleaning equipment and connection systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Safety: Spillage is avoided due to secure connection between canister and machine
  • Reliability: Analysis is protected from external contamination, ensuring reliable results
Catalog Number Catalog Name
967086 PP材质计量用具,20ml, 28mm,本色Extran®, AWH - (Dosing aid made of PP, 20ml, 28mm, natural for Extran®, AWH)
965535 PP材质转接器 - (Adapter composed of PP)
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