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Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Learning Center/Inorganic/LE-EMPOWER CUBE.jpgMerck’s portfolio of classical inorganic reagents includes an extensive range of acids, salts, caustic alkalis, bases and special inorganic reagents for analytical use in wet chemical labs and elsewhere. Strictly controlled high quality and batch-to-batch consistency ensure that you can fully rely on your analyses when using our reagents. Quality assurance laboratories benefit from the international acceptance of our reagents, as well as safe analytical laboratory auditing.

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Especially for pharmacopoeia analysis, we offer a wide range of reagents that meet authoritative quality guidelines worldwide and are specified in accordance with the American ACS and Reag. Ph Eur standards.

Enjoy the convenience: Thanks to our comprehensive product range, you can obtain all your basic reagents from one trusted source. 

Catalog Number Catalog Name
106392 碳酸钠 - (Sodium carbonate)
106575 七水合磷酸氢二钠 - (di-Sodium hydrogen phosphate heptahydrate)
102161 二水合硫酸钙 - (Calcium sulfate dihydrate)
101799 硝酸 69% - (Nitric acid 69%)
102703 铜粉 - (Copper)
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