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Certipur® Certified Multi-Cation & Multi-Anion Standards for Ion Chromatography

Within its Certipur® range of certified reference materials,Merck provides various Certipur® multi-element standards especially designed for instrument calibration in ion-exchange chromatography (IC) applications, e.g. for environmental or food analysis and quality control.

Our Certipur® multi-element standards for ion chromatography are available as both anionic and cationic solutions. For environmental analysis, we also offer a multi-element standard based on nitrogen and phosphorus instead of nitrate and phosphate ions. All our Certipur® IC standards – with the exception of fluoride – are traceable to primary standard reference materials from NIST.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
109036 IC 多元素标准液 VI - (IC multi-element standard VI)
110322 ICP 多元素标准液 VII - (IC Multi-element standard VII)
170398 IC 多元素标准液 I - (IC Multi-element standard I)
109032 IC 多元素标准液 V - (IC multi-element standard V)
111448 阴离子多元素标准液 II - (Anion multi-element standard II)
111437 阴离子多元素标准液 I - (Anion multi-element standard I)
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