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Products for Absorption, Adsorption and Filtration

Absorption, adsorption and filtration processes are indispensable for many lab applications such as separation, purification, decolorizing, or enrichment of substances. Merck offers a wide variety of premium absorption and adsorption reagents as well as filter and clarification materials. Our product portfolio comprises absorption tubes, calcium oxide, activated charcoal, graphite, molecular sieves, soda lime, aluminum oxide fibers, glass wool, and sea sand. With absorption, adsorption, and filtration products from Merck, you benefit from high reliability, flexibility, and more eco-friendliness.

Thanks to their excellent take-up capacity for a wide range of substances, our absorption, adsorption and filtration materials ensure maximum reliability for your applications. Various packaging sizes are available to meet your individual needs.
Your safety and the protection of the environment are matters of great concern to us. Many of our reagents and materials, e. g. our charcoal products or calcium oxide, are produced from selected natural raw materials which are not harmful to the environment. Another example is our aluminum oxide fibers that can be used as filtration and insulation agents due to their high melting point of 1,700 to 1,800 °C. In contrast to asbestos fibers, they are not carcinogenic and can be easily and safely disposed of.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
102109 氧化钙 - (Calcium oxide from marble)
106733 碱石灰(含指示剂) - (Sodalime)
106107 干燥管 - (Absorption tube for H₂O)
104206 石墨 - (Graphite)
104086 玻璃丝 - (Glass wool)
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