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Readybag® Media Pouches for Pathogen Testing


Save Bags of Media Preparation Time

New Preweighed and Gamma-Irradiated Readybag® Pouches

Even meticulously planned microbiological testing workflows can be disrupted when the number of samples increases or staff is unavailable. Merck’s preweighed and gamma-irradiated Readybag® media pouches speed up and simplify your food pathogen testing routines.

Fast and easy workflow

With Single-Use Readybag®, There’s

  • no weighing
  • no autoclaving
  • no supplement handling and
  • no need for extra lab space or equipment

Our Expanding Readybag® Pouches Series is Available for Different Sample Sizes and Includes

  • Salmonella (Buffered Peptone Water) for 25 g and 375 g food samples
  • Listeria (Half Fraser Broth) for 25 g and 125 g food samples

Watch our Readybag® video to find out how Readybag® can help you to streamline your workflow.

See how you can save time and reduce waste with our Readybag® pouches. Download our application notes where we evaluated the sterility, selectivity, and stability of prepared Readybag® half-Fraser broth for the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes, and Readybag® Buffered Peptone Water for the detection of Salmonella.

Download the stability evaluation

Download Readybag® Data Sheet

Download Readybag® Workflow

Download Readybag® Application Notes

Download White Paper to see how much you can save with Readybag® media pouches