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Analytical Sample PrepRoutine laboratory work involves purifying, enriching or separating for subsequent analysis. Solid, liquid and gaseous substances also have to be purified for production-scale processes. Various chemical and physical methods can be used for this purpose, among these are absorption, adsorption, chromatography, distillation, extraction, ion exchange, filtration, complex formation, crystallization, drying and many more.

Merck offers an extensive range of products for sample preparation with excellent absorptive, adsorptive, filtration and clarification properties. These products can be used for purification but also as reaction and filtration aids, as fillers, additives, or as carriers of active ingredients. In addition, we offer reagents for the preparation of gases, cooling mixtures and for adjusting relative humidity as well as classical laboratory auxiliaries.

Ion Exchangers

Ion Exchangers

Ion Exchangers improve the efficiency of process separations and show excellent protein binding capacities at high flow rates.

Chromatography Sample Preparation

Analytical Sample Preparation for Life Science Applications
Maintain clean baselines and improve chromatography run reproducibility with efficient filtration.
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Auxiliaries for Purification and Sample Preparation

Auxiliaries for Purification and Sample Preparation
Discover our range of auxiliaries for all your purification and sample preparation needs.

Drying Agents

Drying Agents

Our portfolio of drying agents ensures your products are protected from the effects of moisture in the lab, as well as during transport and storage.
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Whether online of offline, our range of extraction solutions help you reach your analytical goals.
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Developing Simplified Methods for Quantifying Analytes using SPME

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Brighter Analysis

Brighter Analysis

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