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Centriprep® Centrifugal Filter

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Centriprep® centrifugal filter and concentrator.Centriprep® centrifugal filter devices are disposable ultrafiltration devices used for purifying, concentrating, and desalting biological samples in the 2–15 mL volume range. They may also be used for filtration applications. These complete, ready-to-use ultrafiltration devices are designed for operation in most centrifuges that can accommodate 50 mL centrifuge tubes. They are easy to use and offer a high flow rate. Centriprep® devices consist of a sample container with a twist-lock cap, a filtrate collector containing a low adsorptive Ultracel® regenerated cellulose membrane, plus an air-seal cap for sample isolation.

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  • For use with high solute samples
  • Unique inverse flow mode of operation with large deadstop
  • Fast sample processing
  • Available with Ultracel® membranes: 3,000, 10,000*, 30,000* and 50,000 kDa NMWL (Nominal Molecular Weight Limit)
  • Fits standard swinging-bucket rotor for 50mL tubes
* Centriprep® centrifugal filter devices with Ultracel® 10K and 30K membranes are approved for in vitro diagnostic use.


  • Concentrate and purify particle-laden solutions or high concentrations
  • Separate low MW solutes from fermentation broths, ce ll culture media, cell lysates


  • Membrane: Ultracel® regenerated cellulose
  • Maximum initial sample volume: 15 mL
  • Filtrate collector capacity: 12 mL