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Certipur® Reference Materials for Ion Chromatography

Precise and reliable ion chromatography (IC) requires constant use of high-quality calibration solutions. Within its Certipur® product range, we offer you a wide range of single-element and multi-element standards designed for the special requirements of different ion chromatography applications, e.g. in environmental or food analysis.

Certipur® single-element standards for IC are available as both ready-to-use calibration solutions and Titrisol® concentrates. All our IC standards are traceable to primary standard reference materials from NIST. With Merck’s Certipur® CRMs for ion chromatography, you benefit from easy handling and precise, reliable analytical results.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
109036 Standar VI multielemen IC
109869 Fluorida standar
119896 Larutan bromida standar
110322 IC Multi-elemen standar VII
119899 Solusi nitrit standar
119533 Larutan sianida standar
109866 Nitrit standar
170398 IC Multi-element standard I
119898 Larutan fosfat standar
109032 Standar V multielemen IC
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