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Gram-Bacteria Staining


Gram-Bacteria Staining: Outstanding Solutions

Gram-Bacteria StainingGram staining is a technique in bacteriology, which enables the differentiation of bacteria into Gram-positive and Gram-negative groups. In this method, Gram-positive bacterial cells retain their blue-violet color. Whereas Gram-negative bacterial cells appear Orange-pink when counterstained.

Various solutions are needed for this multi-step staining process, including aniline dye and iodine solution, as well as safranin orange or carbol fuchsin counterstains. Not only do we offer all required solutions for Gram’s method, but also ready-to-use sets and kits that guarantee easy handling and reliable staining results. Among these is our phenol-free kit, which increases user safety as it prevents the release of toxic phenol vapor. Since all of our Gram-staining solutions and kits are IVDs and CE certified, they can be used in clinical diagnostics as well as industrial quality control.

Gram staining is the standard method used in bacterial diagnostics to distinguish gram-positive from gram-negative bacteria. The Gram-color staining kit contains every solution you need for the method in safe 500 mL PE bottles. The solutions can be used for manual staining on a rack or for automated jar staining. Our convenient kit delivers quick, clear results in 3 to 5 minutes. A phenol-free version is also available.

Single Gram Staining Solutions

All solutions needed for Gram staining are also offered separately in greater quantities – but with the same exact quality to ensure rapid, reliable results. They are ideal when you only need certain solutions or want to replenish your stock. Our solutions are CE certified and fulfill all quality requirements for IVD registration.

Gram-Color Staining Kit

Product Range

  • All necessary solutions, including aniline dye, iodine, safranin and carbol fuchsin
  • Ready-to-use staining sets and kits
  • Phenol-free kit

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