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Final Aseptic Filtration for
Sterile Filtration

Final Filtration has never been so simple.

The Final Fill Learning center page offers information and guidance to help you address the complex challenges of final fill applications where every drop of your product is valuable. At final fill, we know you are concerned about product purity, yield, cost of ownership, sterility assurance and regulatory compliance.

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Final Filtration Made Simple with Millipak® Filters

Find out just how simple final filtration can be with the Durapore® family of filters. This video highlights the value and differentiation of the Millipak® while illustrating how it works.

In a series of short vodcasts, you’ll be able to learn best practices and process design considerations around Final Fill:

Choosing the Right Number of Filters

This vodcast offers design considerations regarding single stage vs. dual stage and redundant filtration.

Choosing the Right Number of Filters - Watch Vodcast

Filters In or Out of the Isolator

To learn more about the various risks and benefits when choosing where to put your filter in your final filling process, watch the second part of our Final Fill Design Considerations vodcast series.

Filters in or out of the Isolator - Watch Vodcast

Flush Bag vs. Barrier Filters

This vodcast helps you understand how a barrier filter can be used to simplify complex integrity testing operations.

Flush Bag vs. Barrier Filters - Watch Vodcast

Stacked vs. Pleated

This vodcast discusses the device design characteristics that impact hold-up volume and yield.

Stacked vs. Pleated - Watch Vodcast

Pre-Use Integrity Testing

Understand the challenges of a Pre-Use Integrity Test on a Sterile System.

Pre-Use Integrity Testing - Watch Vodcast

Product Recovery Blow Down

Last, in a series of six: a short vodcast to help you understand product recovery for your final filling process.

Product Recovery Blow Down - Watch Vodcast

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