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Cellvento® CHO media product lineSelecting the right medium to optimally match your cell line and process can be challenging. Our Cellvento® CHO media portfolio provides you with process and cell line specific cell culture media and feeds – so that you can find the most suitable product for your application.  

Cellvento® CHO media have been developed for use with CHO suspension cell types such as CHO-S, CHO-DHFR- and CHO-K1 cells, but may also be suitable for other cell lines. Available in powder and compacted forms, Cellvento® CHO formulations are chemically defined, of non-animal origin and lead to superior cell growth and productivity in batch, fed-batch mode or perfusion applications.

Fed-Batch application:
Cellvento® CHO media and companion feeds support consistent growth and performance in fed-batch culture. Cellvento® 4Feed is a single feed compared to other Cellvento® Feeds which require separate addition of a cysteine/tyrosine stock solution to simplify feed addition. It is a high concentrated feed that comes in compacted format and is compatible with all Cellvento® CHO fed-batch media.

Enhanced Seed Train:
Cellvento® 4CHO-X has been designed to support high growth and viability, thus increasing cell biomass for cryopreservation or inoculation of another bioreactor. It addressed seed train intensification at N-1 in perfusion, reaching robust growth at low CSPRs.

Benefits of Cellvento® CHO cell culture media:

  • High media consistency and reliable homogeneity
  • Superior cell growth and productivity
  • Flexibility on specific nutrient cell type requirements
  • Flexibility in application: batch, fed-batch and perfusion
  • Comprehensive documentation for faster time to market

Product Overview of Cellvento® CHO Cell Culture Media Portfolio

Use and ApplicationCHO-S
Cell Lines
CHO-DHFR- and Slow Growing Cell Lines>CHO-K1
Cell Lines
Enhanced Seed Train – N-1 Perfusion Cellvento® 4CHO-X COMP
Expansion Medium
Fed-batch system with high concentrated single feed Cellvento® 4CHO COMP Medium
Cellvento® 4Feed COMP
Growth Media for Batch   Cellvento® CHO-110 Medium
Production Media and Companion Feeds for Fed-Batch with Cys/Tyr supplementation
Cellvento® CHO-200 Medium Cellvento® CHO-210 Medium Cellvento® CHO-220 Medium
Cellvento® Feed-200 Cellvento® Feed-210 Cellvento® Feed-220

Additional feed supplements:

Emprove CCM

New: Emprove® Program for CCM

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