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Resistant and Regenerable Gel-Type Based Resins

Merck’s weakly acidic cation exchangers are completely resistant to strong alkalis, as well as aliphatic and aromatic solvents. In their H+ form, these gel-type based ion exchanger resins do not split neutral salts. Their ion exchange capacity is effective from pH 6 to 14, and relies on the pH value of the solution to be exchanged. Furthermore, their degree of ionization is comparable to that of acetic acid. For maximum efficiency, weakly acidic ion exchangers can be regenerated through treatment with dilute mineral acid, slightly above the stoichiometric ratio. 

Features and Benefits

  • Highly resistant to: strong alkalis; aliphatic and aromatic solvents
  • Effective from pH 6 to 14
  • Ionization degree similar to acetic acid
  • Regenerable through dilute mineral acid treatment

Range of Applications

  • Purification and isolation of antibiotics, vitamins and alkaloids
  • Purification of enzymes
  • Determination of di- and higher valent cations
  • Adsorption of acidic dye stuffs from acidic solution

Product Information

Ion exchanger IV 
Order number 104835
Functional groups COO-
Counter ion/supplied as H+
Total ion exchange capacity (mval/mL) >3.2
Maximum swelling % 75-100
Max. operating temperature °C 120
pH range 4-14
Particle size (mm)
(mesh) ASTM
Moisture content % 45-55
Bulk density (g/l) 700
Concentration in water %
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