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High-Purity Solvents for Analytical HPLC

Choose from a complete range of high-purity solvents, optimized for different applications in analytical HPLC.

LiChrosolv® Solvents for Liquid Chromatography

LiChrosolv® SolventsLiChrosolv® solvents offer high purity, low UV absorbance, low particle count and low evaporation residue as well as low acidity and alkalinity – the ideal characteristics for reliable, reproducible results in liquid chromatography.

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LiChrosolv® Hypergrade Solvents for LC-MS

LiChrosolv® Hypergrade Solvents for LC-MSSpecifically developed for LC-MS, LiChrosolv® hypergrade solvents feature very high UV-transmittance, very low metal ion content and an optimum LC-MS signal-to-noise ratio. Their application-oriented quality ensures accurate chromatographic analysis and avoids loss of samples.

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Prepsolv® Solvents for Preparative Chromatography

Prepsolv® SolventsPrepsolv® solvents facilitate scale-up from analytical to preparative HPLC. The solvents, are characterized by extremely low evaporation residue and water content. For large-scale applications, Prepsolv® solvents are supplied in returnable stainless steel barrels.

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LiChropur® Reagents for Ion-Pair Chromatography

LiChropur® ReagentsLiChropur® ion-pair reagents allow high UV-transmittance even at low detection wavelengths. The reagents consist of strongly hydrophobic ionic compounds, which form neutral ion pairs with oppositely charged sample molecules. This enables simultaneous separation of charged and non-charged molecules.

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