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Molecular Diagnostic Products

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dCTP and CTP Nucleotides

Our dCTP and CTP nucleotides are ideal for labeling DNA using PCR*, Nick Translation or Random Priming methods. Our proprietary nucleotide* is conjugated to a number of reporter molecules and is available in convenient 1 mM solutions or in bulk quantities for further manufacturing purposes. Samples for testing are available.

  • Convenient
    Labeled nucleotides available in bulk quantities for further manufacturing uses 
  • Practical
    Ideal for commercial probe manufacture and as a kit component
  • Cost-effective
    Avoid costly licenses with use of this patented chemistry and proprietary linker 

Post-Amplification, Nucleic Acid Detection

Our OligoDetect® assays for highly-sensitive detection of post-amplification products are suitable for large-scale screening. The OligoDetect® system employs a simple 96-well immunoassay format designed to detect specific biotinylated nucleic acid products. The biotin-labeled, amplified DNA sample is captured on a specific probe-coated plate. The captured amplicon is detected with a streptavidin conjugate. We will work with you to design custom primers, hybridization controls, and assay plates. This rapid, non-isotopic method of amplified nucleic acid detection eliminates the need for gel electrophoresis and Southern blots, offering significantly better detection sensitivity. The 96-well OligoDetect® assay format is suitable for automated and high throughput systems. Results are available in approximately 60 minutes. Large custom lots may be archived for rapid reorder and reagent consistency.

*OBEA-dCTP and OBEA-CTP are derivatized nucleotides at the N4 position of dCTP and CTP, respectively, to which different labels (Biotin, Fluorescein, Sulforhodamine, DNP, and Rhodamine Green™, and other custom dyes) are covalently attached. We have a unique, proprietary position for derivatization of dCTP and CTP at N4, and on the linker (OBEA, oxy-bis-ethylamine) under US Patent 5,684,142. All nucleotides are supplied at a concentration of 1.0 mM as a TEA salt.

Amplifluor® Universal Detection System

Amplifluor® Universal Detection systems offer a closed-tube fluorometric detection format for the detection of nucleic acids in endpoint and real-time applications. This patented technology facilitates high throughput analysis and reduces the chances of false-positives due to carryover amplicon contamination.

Amplifluor® Universal Systems are based on energy transfer from an excited fluorophore to a complexed acceptor moiety that results in quenching of the fluorescence. This quenching is accomplished by linking the fluorophore and the acceptor 4-dimethylamino-azobenzene-4-sulfonic acid (DABSYL) to an oligonucleotide primer. The optimized design of the UniPrimers™ results in a large increase in fluorescent emission only upon incorporation into the amplification products produced during each PCR cycle.

Other Diagnostic Reagents
  • Streptavidin conjugate
  • FITC conjugate
  • Animal sera
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