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Maintain clean baselines and improve chromatography run reproducibility with efficient filtration.

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Learn more about your molecules of interest and improve resolution in the separation of complex solutions. The newest chromatography technologies feature high sensitivity and throughput. To benefit from these advances, prepare samples and mobile phases using high efficiency filtration products for higher quality, more consistent results, increased instrument uptime and prolonged column life.

Learn how Merck’s filtration products can improve your chromatography.

Samplicity® Filtration System
Samplicity Filtration System
The Samplicity Filtration System is an innovative new technology that provides a convenient, high throughput alternative to syringe-tip filters.

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Millex® LCR Syringe Filters
Millex LCR Syringe Filters for Chromatography
Millex Syringe filters set the standard for reliable small volume filtration.

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MultiScreen® Solvinert Plates
MultiScreen Solvinert Plates for High Throughput Chromatography Sample Preparation
MultiScreen plates are specifically developed for high-throughput use with automated work stations.

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Membrane Learning Center
Membranes Learning Center
Get more information on membrane characteristics and some of the tests used to ensure quality specifications.

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For the highest quality results and minimum system downtime, trust Merck’s high efficiency filtration products.
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Watch how the Samplicity® Multifiltration System filters multiple hard-to-filter samples at once, in seconds.

Top Tips for LC-MS Sample Prep

Top Tips for
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Samplicity® Filtration System.

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