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Immobilon®-E PVDF Membrane

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Immobilon®-E provides the first PVDF blotting membrane that wets in transfer buffer or water. It removes the alcohol pre-wet step while maintaining the high performance associated with Immobilon® transfer membranes.

  • 0.45 µm pore size ideal for most Western blotting applications with chemiluminescence or chromogenic detection
  • Save time and reduce waste by eliminating the alcohol pre-wet step
  • Higher protein retention delivers stronger signal than most nitrocellulose membranes

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Immobilon®-E Western Blotting Sandwiches

When you need to process multiple Western blots, blotting sandwiches are a convenient, time-saving choice. Our sandwiches include sheets of Immobilon®-E PVDF transfer membrane interleaved with pre-cut sheets of chromatography-grade blotting filter paper.

Immobilon®-E Rolls

Immobilon®-E Cut Sheets

Western Blotting Filter Paper

Chromatography-grade blotting filter paper pre-cut to the most popular Western blot sizes.