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Rapid microbiological detection solutions from Merck for bioburden testing effectively address the diverse contamination issues which face the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, beverages and municipal/environmental water industries every day. Innovative rapid technologies provide several advantages over classical culture-based methods: earlier results, increased assay sensitivity, ease-of-use, excellent accuracy and reliability. Consequently, rapid technologies are gaining acceptance across industries. Although traditional methods are proven, they are also time and resource intensive, adding significant time-to-result (and thus delaying product release) because they require visual detection of Colony Forming Units (CFUs).

Merck’s Milliflex® Quantum, Milliflex® Rapid and EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System, all rapid microbial detection solutions for water microbiology and bioburden testing, provide results three to four times faster than traditional methods, allowing corrective action sooner in case of contamination.

Here is what one of our customers says about our rapid testing devices:
“Milliflex Quantum is a simple easy to use system that allows Thatchers to maximize the production potential through faster microbiological test results.”
Richard Johnson, QC Manager, Thatchers

Milliflex® Quantum

Milliflex® Quantum

The Milliflex® Quantum system is compliant for the pharma industry and uses industry-standard membrane filtration techniques and a rapid enzymatic fluorescent staining method for convenient quantitative detection of viable and culturable microorganisms in filterable samples.

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EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System

EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System

The EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System is an easy-to-use, non-destructive, fluorescent staining-based system for rapid detection and quantification of microbial contamination in lower-risk samples like food & beverages.

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Streamlined Validation of Rapid Detection Methods


The validation process of an alternative method can be long and intensive, which makes switching from a traditional to a rapid microbiological technology a common challenge for many companies. Merck’s highly experienced applications support experts can help streamline your implementation and validation work. We can determine appropriate testing conditions and develop methods specific to your product, provide test protocols, data, reports, and recommendations. Our experts are available to assist you with your complete testing needs.

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Download the PDA Journal Article: Validation of Milliflex® Quantum System

Dr. Marcel Goverde, Managing Director, MGP Consulting, Switzerland

“Milliflex® Quantum was successfully validated as a rapid alternative method to the traditional bioburden testing”
Dr. Marcel Goverde, Managing Director, MGP Consulting, Switzerland

Milliflex Oasis® System Brochure

Milliflex Oasis® System

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Application note for rapid detection in beverages using fluorescence-based technology.

Application Note
Rapid Detection in beverages using fluorescence-based technology.