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Globally Harmonized System of Classification and
Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

GHS Training and Questionnaire

Merck:/Freestyle/DIV-Divisional/Support/GHS-Training-tool.jpg We provide our employees with different training materials within the framework of global hazard communication. Our GHS training “The essential elements of hazard communication” is now also available as interactive online version for customers. This training includes also a questionnaire.
Test and improve your knowledge about GHS
GHS Summary Table

Merck:/Freestyle/DIV-Divisional/Support/GHS-Summary-Table.jpgHazard classifications and the related pictograms, signal words and hazard statement codes.
Download our GHS Summary Table.

Safety in the Laboratory Poster

Merck:/Freestyle/DIV-Divisional/Support/safety-in-the-library.jpgOverview on Hazard and Precautionary Statements.
Download the Safety in the Laboratory Poster. 

What is GHS?

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) was developed by the United Nations over more than a decade of intense work. It is a “living” document which will be regularly revised and updated once in 2 years to reflect new national, regional and international experiences in the area of hazard communication.

What is the Purpose of GHS?

The GHS enhance the protection of human health and the environment by providing an internationally comprehensible system for hazard communication to enable.

  • Harmonized classification and labelling
  • Harmonized occupational safety
  • Harmonized safety data sheets
  • Harmonized consumer protection
  • Harmonized transport classification

GHS reduces the need for testing and evaluation of chemicals, and faciliate international trade in chemicals whose hazards have beed properly assessed on the international basis.

What is the Scope of GHS?

GHS covers among others the following elements:

  • Harmonized criteria for classifying substance and mixtures according to their health, environmental and physical hazards
  • Harmonized hazard communication elements, including requirements for labelling and safety data sheets

GHS Labelling and Safety Data Sheet

The European Community adopted the GHS criteria in 2008 into their legislation.

The Merck Approach

Merck started directly to implement the new requirements for classification and labelling of chemicals with the beginning of the transition periods. This included, of course, a revision of all labels and all safety data sheets with the new elements of hazard communication. Since Merck places its products on the market worldwide, all labels and safety data sheets are aligned to their respective requirements of the different regions and countries, which already implemented GHS into their national law.

GHS Labelling

Fig 1 GHS Labelling

GHS Safety Data Sheet

Fig 2 Safety Data Sheet: Methanol for analysis EMSURE® ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur