Product Announcements: Research & Applied Solutions

Merck’s SOLu-Trypsin Enzyme Brings Stability to Mass Spectrometry Merck’s Advanced Proteomics Grade SOLu-Trypsin is an exclusive, solution stable enzyme for mass spectrometry. 22 May 2017
Bringing Intelligence, Precision & Efficiency to the Lab with the new Milli-Q® IQ 7000 Ultrapure Water System. Discover the Milli-Q® IQ 7000 Ultrapure Water System | A Touch of Intelligence - Ergonomic design improves efficiency & productivity in the lab. High-definition digital touch screen enables intuitive navigation. Mercury-free ech2o® UV oxidation lamps are environmentally friendly. 4 April 2017
Elix® High-Throughput Water Purification System Delivers Up to 9000 Liters of Pure Water per Day Elix® High-Throughput systems have been designed to deliver the highest pure water quality for your regular laboratory applications and instrument feed. 13 July 2016
IsoBag™ for Fast, Safe Transfer of Plates to Isolator This unique and exciting new product – the IsoBag™ – contact and settle plates do not need to be placed into the isolator to be decontaminated before use, eliminating an entire step in the process and keeping those plates available for use at any time. 21 March 2016
Spectroquant® Prove Simplifies Water Analysis with a New Class of Spectrophotometers Our new Spectroquant® Prove family of spectrophotometers includes applications for waste water, drinking water and beverages, and process water. January 2016