Milli-Q® Integral Water Purification System for Ultrapure Water

The most integrated ultrapure system producing Milli-Q® & Elix® water quality





System Consumables 並べ替えとフィルターをクリアする
カタログ番号icon 説明icon パッケージicon
PR0G0T0S2Progard® TS2 Pretreatment Pack 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
PR0G0TNP2Progard® TNP2 Pretreatment Pack 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
QTUM0TEX1Quantum® TEX Polishing Cartridge 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
QTUM0TIX1Quantum® TIX Polishing Cartridge 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
TANKMPK01Vent Filter for PE Tank (Type 2 Water) 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZFA10UVM1Photooxidation UV Lamp A10® TOC Monitor 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZLXUVLP01Bactericidal UV Lamp 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZMQUVLP01Photooxidation UV Lamp 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZWCL01F50Chlorine tablets〔海外情報〕 45 価格&在庫状況を表示


Application-Paks 並べ替えとフィルターをクリアする
カタログ番号icon 説明icon パッケージicon
CDUFBI001Biopak® Polisher 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
EDSPAK001EDS-Pak® Polisher 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
LCPAK0001LC-Pak® Polisher 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
MPGL04GK2Millipak-40 Filter Unit 0.22 µm NPT〔海外情報〕 2 価格&在庫状況を表示
MPGP04001Millipak® Express 40 Filter 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
V0CPAK001VOC-Pak® Polisher 1 価格&在庫状況を表示


Accessories 並べ替えとフィルターをクリアする
カタログ番号icon 説明icon パッケージicon
EDSKIT001Application-Pak Installation Kit 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
LABCL0SE1Lab Close Kit 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
TANKASMINAutomatic Sanitization Module (ASM) Elix® and Milli-Q® Systems 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
TANKPE03030 Liter Polyethylene Storage Tank 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
TANKPE06060 Liter Polyethylene Storage Tank 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
TANKPE100100 Liter Polyethylene Storage Tank 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
WMBSMT002Wall Mounting Bracket for water purification systems 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZFWATDET4Water Sensor for water systems 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZMQSP0D01Q-POD® Ultrapure Water Remote Dispenser 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZRXSP0D01E-POD® Pure Water Remote Dispenser 1 価格&在庫状況を表示
ZWDK6R100Washer Distribution Kit 115 V (Right) 1 価格&在庫状況を表示



    Material Qualification Dossier



    Milli-Q® Integral Water Purification Systems


    Blank Optimization Using Ultrapure Water Suitable for Trace Ion Analysis.
    High Purity Water for Inorganic Analysis
    Milli-Q Element System Water Quality Assessment
    Nerve Cell Culture via Pyrogen-free Water: Pyrogen Removal of the Milli-Q PF Water System
    Total Organic Carbon in High-Purity Water
    UV Oxidation in Water Purification
    Ultrapure Water for Elemental Analysis down to ppt levels


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