Comprehensive Portfolio of High
Quality SPPS Building Blocks

Merck’s Novabiochem® product range comprises one of the most extensive offerings of high quality buildings blocks for solid phase peptide synthesis. Thus we make sure you always find the right reagents even for your most demanding applications.

Our portfolio of SPPS building blocks includes, among others, orthogonally protected amino acids for side-chain modification, pseudoproline, Dmb and isoacyl dipeptides for enhancing yields of long and difficult peptides, PEG building blocks as well as phosphorylated, methylated, glycosylated and other post-translationally modified amino acids. The reliable high quality of Merck products ensure enhanced synthetic efficiency, high yields, and reliable, consistent purity of your final peptides.

For help with choosing the right amino acid building block for your application, please download our technical information brochure “Guide to the selection of building blocks for solid phase peptide synthesis” (see Featured Destinations link to the right). This comprehensive summary of amino acid derivatives contains detailed protocols and applications together with a special chapter on selectively protected amino-acid building blocks.

To quickly locate the standard building blocks for Boc and Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis, click on the respective links to the right.

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Novabiochem® Catalog
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10 07
7.10.18 - 12.10.18
SOFT 2018
Minneapolis Hyatt Regency
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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16.10.18 - 17.10.18
Gulf Coast Conference 2018
Moody Gardens Convention Center
Galveston, TX, USA
超純水・純水製造装置,低分子量医薬品,試薬、化学薬品、実験器具, ライフサイエンス研究 ,バイオ医薬品製造,化学分析とサンプル前処理 北米 20181016
11 12
12.11.18 - 14.11.18
EAS 2018
Crowne Plaza Princeton Conference Center
Plainsboro, NJ, USA
超純水・純水製造装置,低分子量医薬品,試薬、化学薬品、実験器具, ライフサイエンス研究 ,バイオ医薬品製造,化学分析とサンプル前処理 北米 20181112