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This section outlines the equipment you will need to conduct particle monitoring in liquids.

Sampling Bottles

For field use, plastic bottles have an advantage over breakable glass bottles. When possible, bottles should be slightly larger than the sample volume and graduated on the outside. The Patch Test Kit for field use includes 120 mL transparent PVC bottles.

Filter Holders

Disposable Filter Holders
Fluid contamination filter cassettes are transparent, disposable filter holders that have been precleaned and preassembled. The cassettes are made of impact-resistant polystyrene and have been specifically manufactured for the filtration of fuels and hydraulic fluids.

If you want to use them with any other chemical, please call Technical Service or refer to the chemical compatibility guide for product compatibility.

Download chemical compatibility guide (PDF)

Each box of monitoring cassettes has the average background particle count marked on each package. These 37 mm cassettes are available empty or preloaded with Merck filters and support pads.

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Filters-Particle-Monitoring/A030 Images/contamination-monitors.jpgFluid Contamination Monitors for Contamination Analysis

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Stainless Steel and Glass Filter Holders
Merck 25 and 47 mm glass or stainless steel holders are used for filtering liquids using vacuum. When filtering flammable liquids, you must use a stainless steel filter holder fitted with grounding wires. Merck fluid test kits, patch test kits, and 47 mm Hydrosol™ units all contain the required grounding capability.

▲ WARNING: If you are filtering petroleum ether or other flammable solvents, you must ensure that the stainless steel filter unit is grounded to prevent arcing from static electricity created during filtration.

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Sampling Kits
We have developed sampling kits specifically designed for monitoring aviation and hydraulic fluids. These kits are also used in monitoring storage tanks, coolant waters, and some solvent cleaning tanks. For ultimate organic solvent compatibility, we recommend a stainless steel holder with a PTFE membrane. This provides the broadest solvent compatibility possible. If corrosives are involved, then consider using a HDPE filter holder with the PTFE membrane.

Check the chemical compatibility guide for compatibility information
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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Filters-Particle-Monitoring/A030 Images/fluid-Samp-Kit.jpgFluid Sampling Kit
Field-based, liquid analysis with 37 mm monitors

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Filters-Particle-Monitoring/A030 Images/patch-test-kit.jpgPatch Test Kit
In-field contamination analysis

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