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CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform Images and Videos

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HL-60 Cells Migratein a Stable Gradient

Harvard biologist makes surprising discoveries.


Live Cell Imaging of Apoptosis in Immune Cells using the CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic System

Live Cell Imaging of Hypoxia in Cancer Cells using the CellASIC® ONIX2 Microfluidic System

Jurkat cells (88042803) were first loaded onto the CellASIC®ONIX2 SystemM04T Pad Trap Plate (M04T-01-5PK) and were then incubated with BioTracker NucView® 488 Green Caspase-3 Dye (SCT101) and Annexin V Texas Red (Red) for the first 2 hours in complete RPMI-1640 media (SLM-240-B), followed by treatment of 2.5 µg/mL CD-95 antibody (05-201) (experiment group) or no treatment (control) for 8 hours. Time-lapse imaging was taken on cells at a 10-minute interval under 400x magnification using a FITC and Texas-Red filter. Read the Application Note

A431 epidermal carcinoma cells (85090402) were incubated 16 hours overnight with 3µM BioTracker 520 Green Hypoxia Dye (SCT033) in complete DMEM by gravity perfusion at 37°C under normoxic conditions (20% O2) using theCellASIC®ONIX2 System. After overnight incubation, cells were perfused with complete DMEM media without dye at 1 psi under hypoxic conditions (0% O2) for 16 hours at 37°C. Fluorescent images were captured over 16 hours using 465 nm excitation, and a 525 nm emission filter. The BioTracker 520 Green Hypoxia Dye increases in fluorescence intensity with decreasing oxygen levels (increased hypoxic conditions) Read the Application Note

Live Cell Analysis - Yeast
  • Y04C Cell Cycle Arrest and Release - S. Cerevisiae imaged with a 60x objective for 4hrs in SC Medium, followed by alpha-factor exposure and arrest. Cells expressing GFP-tubulin and SPC42 mCherry. Views taken every 10 min. Courtesy of Soni Lacefield, University of Indiana.

  • Y04C Fission Yeast Growth - Growth of S. japonicus in the yeast microfluidic plate. From Prof. Hironori Niki, National Institute of Genetics, Japan.

  • Y04C Fission Yeast Growth - Growth of S. pombe in the Y04C microfluidic plate with continuous perfusion of YES medium. Cells courtesy of Forsburg Lab, USC.

  • Y04C DIC Analysis - S.cerevisiae were grown in CSM medium in Y04C plate with 5psi perfusion flow at 24°C. Views taken every 60 sec. with 150x immersion objective. Courtesy of Jan Wisniewski, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD

Live Cell Analysis - Bacteria
  • B04A E. coli Growth - Growth of E. coli (BL21) in the B04 microfluidic plate. Cells were perfused with LB medium and imaged on a 100X oil immersion phase contrast objective. Cells courtesy of Tim Lu, MIT.

  • B04A Mycobacteria Growth - Growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis in the B04 (0.9 um trap) under continous perfusion for 18 hours. Views taken with a 100X phase contrast objective. Cells courtesy of Travis Hartman, William Jacobs, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

  • B04A Antibiotic Burst - E. coli cell growth in the presence of ampicillin to visualize antibiotic effects on the cell membrane. Cells grow and divide normally until ampicillin is added, causing them to burst. Views taken every 10 minutes over 5 hours on a Nikon Plan microscope and 100x objective lens. Courtesy of Sonia Singhal, Rob Egbert, Eric Klavins at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Live Cell Analysis - Mammalian
  • M04S 4-Color Switching: Switching between 4 fluorescent solutions - Solution exchange in the M04S microfluidic plate between PBS and 4 fluorescent dyes with a system set point of 4 psi. Note the rapid and uniform laminar exchange profile. Movie taken with a 4X objective lens, showing the entry portion of the 2.8 mm diameter culture chamber.

  • M04S Perfusion Culture - NIH3T3 cells - Microfluidic culture of NIH3T3 mouse fibroblasts using the ONIX2 microincubation system. Cells exposed to flow of DMEM at 1psi, 37C and 5% CO2, using a 40X objective lens.

  • M04S Removal of Cells from Chamber - NIH3T3 Fibroblast cells grown to confluency in the M04S plate. The chamber is treated with trypsin and cells are flushed out by pneumatic pressure thereafter.

  • U87 cells with DAPI - Live cell transfected nuclei in the ONIX M04S microfluidic plate. Cells segmented using CY5 membrane dye image of the same frame and then merged with phase contrast views. GFP expression of non-targeted bacmam retrovirus increases over time. Time course: 20 hours, frame interval 10 min

Image Gallery:

HT-1080 cells, M04S plate

HeLa cells, actin/tubulin stained,
M04S plate

NIH3T3 cells, M04S plate

Rat Brain Cortex Neurons, M04S plate

HL-60 cells, M04G plate.
Courtesy of Wendell Lim Lab, UCSF

MCF10A cells in Matrigel®, M04G plate