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Abundant Protein Depletion

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Enrichment of Protein Samples

Human serum and plasma samples are rich sources of proteomic information, reflecting processes regulating normal or diseased states. Today’s ultra-sensitive analytical methods, such as two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, can detect minute changes in expression profiles.

We offer a range of kits and resins for depleting high abundant proteins from serum or plasma samples. Choose from the PureProteome™ magnetic bead kits and resins or the ProteoExtract® agarose columns. First, identify the species of your serum/plasma source – the following tables summarize the different solutions for your needs.

No. of Reactions
Proteins Depleted & Efficiency (tested on Human only)
PureProteome™ Human Albumin/Immunoglobulin Depletion Kit 13 reactions Magnetic beads Human Only Albumin, IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE & IgD >98%
PureProteome™ Albumin/IgG Depletion Kit 13 reactions Human, mouse & rat Albumin & IgG >98%
ProteoExtract® Albumin/IgG Depletion Kit 12 reactions Agarose columns Human, rabbit, rat, mouse, pig & bovine Albumin & IgG >80%
ProteoExtract® Albumin Depletion Kit 12 reactions Albumin >80%

Proteins Depleted & Efficiency (tested on Human only)
PureProteome™ Albumin Magnetic Beads 10 ml Magnetic beads Human, mouse & rat Albumin >98%
PureProteome™ Kappa Ig Binder magnetic beads 2 ml Human Only IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE & IgD >98%
PureProtoeme™ Lambda Ig Binder Magnetic Beads

PureProteome™ Human Albumin/Immunoglobulin Depletion Kit

Depletes Albumin and all Immunoglobulins from human serum or plasma samples with high efficiency (typically >99%).

PureProteome™ Human Albumin & Immunoglobulin detection
Efficient removal of highly abundant proteins. Coomassie blue-stained 2D PAGE gels of total human serum proteins (Panel A) and the fraction depleted of Albumin and immunoglobulin (Panel B) using PureProteome™ Human Albumin/Immuno¬globulin Magnetic Beads. 200 μg of total protein was resolved by isoelectric focusing (pH 3.5–10) in the first dimension and 10% SDS-PAGE in the second dimension.

PureProteome™ Albumin / IgG magnetic beads specifically and reproducibly remove interfering Albumin and IgG, revealing less abundant proteins of interest. The beads are conjugated to an antibody specific for human serum albumin and to protein G for capturing IgG. Rapid, scalable, and reproducible, the beads deplete >98% of both Albumin and IgG from serum and plasma samples.

Advantages of Depleting with PureProteome™ Magnetic Beads:

  • High Capacity– Effectively remove >98% of abundant proteins (Albumin, IgG and all Immunoglobulins) from 25 µL of human serum samples
  • Versatile Depletion– Selectively remove abundant proteins ( Albumin only, or both Albumin and IgG (or all Immunoglobulins) depending on your purification needs
  • Scale to Fit Your Experiment– Adjust bead volume based on sample volume and total protein concentration
  • Easy to Handle– No manipulation of tubes or multipart assemblies
  • No Centrifugation Required – Magnetic field immobilizes beads in seconds

Working with Rabbit, pig or bovine samples?