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Uncoated Magnetic Estapor® Microspheres


Uncoated Magnetic Estapor® Microspheres

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Uncoated Magnetic Estapor

With more than 35 years of experience, Estapor® offers the most knowledge in the microspheres market. With our unique product portfolio of SuperParamagnetic Microspheres, you can choose the size, ferric percentage and surface of our microspheres.

Estapor® is a pioneer in production capacity. We can produce 6 kg of magnetic materials and 20 kg of non-magnetic materials. Estapor® is ISO 9001:2000 and 14001 certified. We are committed to providing the highest quality products worldwide.

If you are looking for something new in terms of particle size, density, ferrite content, color and have not found it, Estapor® provides custom development. Our experience in microsphere development allows our R&D department to quickly and inexpensively develop custom products.

Just released: Download the new application note "Microsphere Coupling - Two-step EDC/Sulfo NHS Covalent Coupling Procedure for Estapor® Carboxyl-modified Dyed Microspheres"

Carboxy-Modified Uncoated Magnetic Microspheres

The introduction of highly polar or ionisable chemical groups increases latex stability, and also facilitates covalent coupling of proteins to the microspheres surface. The groups – COOH are produced by copolymerisation of the corresponding functional monomers. For carboxylated magnetic latexes, cleaning is achieved by 4 or 5 magnetic separations and is much faster. For a pH below 6 it is advisable to add TWEEN 20 or CEMULSOL NP 30 (0.5 to 1 g/L).

Amino-Modified Uncoated Magnetic Microspheres

Highly polar or ionisable chemical groups increase latex stability and facilitate covalent coupling of proteins to the microspheres surface. The groups – NH2 are produced by copolymerisation of the corresponding functional monomers.

Hydrophobic Uncoated Magnetic Microspheres

Hydrophobic Uncoated Magnetic Estapor

Our magnetic microspheres reference MS-070/40, characterized by a very innovative surface, are mainly dedicated to hydrophobic or passive immobilization of biomolecules (polyclonal, monoclonal antibodies or proteins) onto their surface.

With a mean size of 1µm and up to 50% of ferrite, those original and innovative magnetic microspheres offer a large surface area and a fast magnetic response. Applications: ImmunoAssays, Cell sorting, Bacteria concentration.

How to Select the Best Magnetic Beads and Magnetic Separation

For immunoassay developers and producers, working with high quality magnetic microspheres and sustainable supplier is key for success, but working with the correct magnetic separation equipment from R&D to large scale production is also key for success.

Fabrice Sultan Ph.D., Senior Sales & Technical Specialist at Estapor Microsphers - Merck Chimie SAS in France and Lluís M. Martínez PhD, CSO at Sepmag – Smart & Scalable Biomagnetic Separators in Spain are pleased to combine their expertise and knowledge in offering webinar on “Magnetic Microspheres and Magnetic Separation” for ImmunoAssays development and production, protein purification, cell separation or DNA/RNA concentration.
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