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Rodent Cell System
Explore our entire rodent stem product portfolio, including mouse embryonic stem cell culture and rodent progenitor cell lines, media, growth factors, antibodies and kits.
Rodent stem cells, including both mouse and rat stem cells, were some of the earliest discovered stem cells and serve as a convenient model system to study all aspects of stem cell biology. Mouse ES cell and embryo culture has been critical for gene targeting experiments and often used to create knockout mice to study gene function and disease progression. Because of their robust growth characteristics, rodent neural and mesenchymal stem cells have been utilized for high throughput screening assays.

Merck offers a broad range of tools and technologies to study mouse embryonic stem cells including the gold standard ESGRO Lif cell culture supplement and ESGRO complete and ESGRO 2i media, proprietary serum free and feeder free media for proper mouse embryonic stem cell expansion. Merck also offers commonly used media for the storage, transfer and expansion of mouse embryo used to create transgeneic mouse models under the EmbryoMAX name.

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/stem-cell-images/cc-sc-mouse-in-pot.jpgMerck also offers solutions for mouse and rat multipotent stem cell research including mouse and rat neural stem cell lines and media, rat mesenchymal stem cell lines and media and differentiation kits.