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Magna ChIP

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Magna ChIP Hisens Kits
Superior enrichment, low background

  • ChIP from as low as 10,000 cells
  • Wider range of antibody isotypes using A/G magnectic bead blends. 
  • Single buffer system for sonication, ChIP and washing steps.
  • Single day protocol.
Magna ChIP kits make it possible to complete a ChIP experiment, from cell harvest to PCR results, in a single day. Available with either protein A, G or A+G Blends, Magna ChIP kits permit easy optimization for any target antibody. EZ-Magna ChIP kits also contain essential positive and negative controls to ensure high quality results.

Magna ChIP magnetic beads are optimized specifically for ChIP applications and are a rapid, reproducible, and efficient reagent for collecting immunocomplexes in ChIP assays. Unlike conventional agarose beads, Magna ChIP magnetic beads are isolated in seconds and significantly reduce the handling time and mechanical stress on target immunocomplexes.
Magna ChIP2™ kits are an easy way to take your ChIP analysis genome-wide. These kits are the first and only complete solution that standardizes and simplifies ChIP-chip analysis by combining all necessary and fully optimized reagents with validated protocols and guidelines. Each Magna ChIP2™ kit is designed to ensure the success, sensitivity and reproducibility using either Agilent® or user-provided DNA microarrays.

Merck’s Magna ChIP2™ chromatin immunoprecipitation DNA microarray kits are designed to make ChIP-chip analysis easily accessible and affordable with optimized reagents, user-friendly kits, and validated protocols suitable for both the novice and experienced user. While our Magna ChIP2™ kits are specially designed for ChIP-chip, all of Merck’s standard ChIP and Magna ChIP kits are appropriate for isolating enriched DNA for genomewide ChIP-chip or ChIP-seq.