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Enhancing Your XRF Sample Preparation

In addition to our high-purity Spectromelt® fusion fluxes, we offer a number of additives that can greatly enhance and simplify your XRF sample preparation.

Using fusion additives from Merck, you benefit in a number of ways. Non-wetting additives like lithium bromide and potassium iodide, for example, act as releasing agents that help to prevent the borate glasses from sticking to the platinum ware. This makes it easier to remove the sample after fusion and protects your equipment. When your sample contains certain substances that might react with your XRF mold, such as metals or sulfides, oxidizers like lithium nitrate or sodium nitrate make sure that the sample is fully oxidized before flux melting or during fusion in order to avoid damage to your expensive platinum ware. Heavy absorbers, e.g. lanthanum oxide, minimize matrix effects and increase spectrometer selectivity.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
110982 氧化镧 - (Lanthanum(III) oxide)
105653 硝酸锂 - (Lithium nitrate)
106395 碳酸钠 - (Sodium carbonate)
100765 硼酸 - (Boric acid)
105686 氟化锂 - (Lithium fluoride)
105676 碳酸锂 - (Lithium carbonate)
106546 硝酸钠 - (Sodium nitrate)
105044 碘化钾 - (Potassium iodide)
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